Brew School of Music

  • Brew School of Music founder Steve Brew has been providing quality music lessons to students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities for over a decade. From college students to kindergarteners, from competition winners to first-timers, from Indiana, to New York, to Massachusetts, Steve has helped countless students reach their musical goals.
  • Steve believes that all people can be musicians, so long as they are committed to regular practice and careful study. He will meet students where they are, and bring them along at their own pace. Often times, Steve creates unique materials specifically catered towards the needs of the student.
  • Most importantly, Steve will go above and beyond to make learning fun! Ultimately, music is something that should give us joy, not stress. Students will never feel belittled, demeaned, or ridiculed; instead we will create a positive and supportive learning environment!
  • Steve holds a Doctorate in Guitar Performance from Indiana University, a Masters in Guitar Performance from Syracuse University, and a Bachelors in Guitar Performance from SUNY Fredonia. His past performances include a tour of Spain with the Fredonia Guitar Quartet, a third-place finish at the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society's National Competition, and a featured performance at the Roland Dyens International Arranging Festival.

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