“Steve is a masterful teacher who regularly brings patience, joy, and even a good dose of humor to the musical learning space. I participated in a collegiate ensemble led by Steve for a few years and it was honestly one of my favorite memories from my undergraduate experience. He leads with precision and perfect form, but is also a huge cheerleader and supporter for his students, with loads of sensitivity and kindness as well. You will learn so much in a short amount of time and have a really great support system while you do - so don't hesitate to sign up for lessons with Steve. He’s simply the best at what he does!”

- Angelina S.

"Steve is a thoughtful, self-motivated, reliable, patient, and kind individual who connected well with the participating students and their families...The Say Yes Zaira Meneses Classical Guitar Program could not have succeeded during its years of operation without Steve's commitment to the program and its students."

Kristi Eck - former Education Program Director with Say Yes to Education, Syracuse Chapter; current

- Chief of Staff at the State University of New York at Oswego

“I was lucky enough to have found Steve a few years ago and had the honor of studying classical guitar under him for 3 years. Starting from a complete beginner level and not knowing the first thing about reading music...notes, chords, you name it.. Steve patiently taught me the highest level of classical guitar teaching one could ever ask for. We met once per week, consistently for 3 years. Long story short, Steve in my experience, is truly a brilliant, talented musician and teacher that is super patient coupled with amazing teaching skills.”

- Michael Fulcher

“I have been taking virtual lessons from Steve for over a year now and I could not be happier with the experience. Steve's understanding of the guitar and music in general is unparalleled and there hasn't been a question I have thrown at him he hasn't been able to answer. That being said, not everyone learns the same way and Steve has a number of different and creative ways to deliver that information until it sticks. I have learned more and have experienced more growth as a guitar player in a short period of time and I can directly relate that to the quality of instruction I have received from Steve. Great instructor and an even better person!”

- Brandon Morabito

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